Activation Registration Key Help

Invalid registration key? Forgot your registration Info? The following information may help you:

1. Specify Device Owner ID

Start / Settings / Personal / Owner Information / Name

2. If it is not the device owner ID you specified buying Touch Commander, you have to receive a new registration key.

3. To register your copy, please open the settings option in any component of Touch Commander (Cube, Plugin, Task Manager, Start Menu or Pop-Up Menu) and click “About…” After that please press “registration” option.

4. Now input your registration key carefully and tap the “Register” button.

5. If it says “Invalid key”, check your device owner ID. It has to be identical to the one you got in the registration information mail.

6. Also, you can easily restore your serial key right from the registration window, just connect your device to Internet and press “Restore your registration key”!

7. There you will see the form for key restoration. The data you specified in your Owner Information will be copied to this form automatically.

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