Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can i evaluate Touch Commander before purchase?
A: Sure, you may download and evaluate Touch Commander for 15 days for free.

Q: I have device [Device Model]. Is Touch Commander compatible with this device?
A: We have not tested Touch Commander with every device, but you can download and evaluate Touch Commander at your device for free. If there are any problems or bugs, then please contact our support team and we will try to fix them ASAP.

Q: Any chance to run Touch Commander on Windows Mobile 2003?
A: Sorry, Touch Commander needs at least Windows Mobile 5 with .NET Framework 2.0 installed or Windows Mobile 6.

Q: According to your web page I need ".NET Compact Framework 2.0", is this correct. The file is 24Mb, will it collapse my PDA memory?
A: The installation file contains frameworks for few types of PDA, so it will "eat" only about 3Mb on your device, and you can install framework and Touch Commander to the Storage Card.

Q: My device has a square (or non-standard) display. Will Touch Commander work on this device?
A: Yes, Touch Commander will work, but possibly you will need to set another count of rows and columns at the Touch Commander screens.

Q: I really want to purchase, but what is your upgrade policy going to be?
A: You will receive all minor updates for free.

Q: If I can not make it to work, is there a refund?
A: Please evaluate Touch Commander before purchase to avoid refund procedure.

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