How To Create Your Own Skin

If you familiar with any of graphics editors, you can easily create your own Skin for Touch Commander!

  1. Copy standard skin folder from your device (Program Files\Touch Commander\Skins\Touch Default) to your personal computer.
  2. Rename the folder (for example - “My Own Skin”)
  3. Modify pictures that you want to change
  4. Then copy your skin folder back to the your device (to folder Program Files\Touch Commander\Skins\My Own Skin)
  5. Open Touch Plug-in settings and choose your skin


Send us your the skin you created and we’ll publish it at the website with author information!

Items sizes and positions, text colors

Do you want to change colors of the text labels or create unique skin with different items sizes and positions?

If you know what is the XML format, then you may easy change skin configuration – just open Skin.xml file (it stored at the skins folder) by any text editor and edit corresponded values.


You do not have to change all item images and is not necessary to copy all Touch Default Skin images to your own skin folder. Missing images will be loaded from the default skin.

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