Touch Today Plugin

Touch Commander's Today Plugin allows you to set-up easy access to your most frequenly used applications and features. You can toggle between pages by pressing on the tabs or by horizontal touch sweeps. Tap and hold your finger on any Today Plugin item, and the local menu will pop up. Today Plugin applying another skins.
Click here to view and download various skins for Touch Plugin.


This page shows current time, date, mobile network name, missed calls, unread emails and text messages. This page also has easy-to-use buttons to set the alarm clock and lock the display.


  This page presents your local weather information for your pre-selected geographic location. To update your weather forecast, just tap on the reload/update icon located on the top right corner of the page.
  Also you can check the multi day weather forecast. All you need to do is to tap the weather screen.


  The Launcher page allows you to assign and launch your most frequenly used applications, programs, media and call to your favourite contacts with one touch!


  This page gives you the ability to control the Windows Media Player right from the Today screen.

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