Touch Commander Localizations

Touch Commander has already been translated into the following languages. You can download Touch Commander in your native language by clicking a link below:

Translate Touch Commander into your native language!

If you want to use Touch Commander in your natural language, it’s so easy to fulfill!*
All you have to do is to take these simple steps!
  1. Please download our latest beta version! Note that it is very necessary to use exactly the *.txt files from the latest beta version, not from the stable version or the previous beta.
  2. Copy the standard language folder (Program Files\Touch Commander\Languages\English) from your device to your desktop computer.
  3. Give a new name to the folder, for example Spanish, if you are translating Touch Commander into Spanish. Please note that the language folder name should be written in English, eg.: Spanish, not Español.
  4. Translate the text in the *.txt files. The files for you to translate consist of lines with identifiers and identifiers values, divided with tab. Please translate into your language only identifiers values and save changes.
  5. Copy the folder with the translated files and paste it back to your device (into this folder Program Files\Touch Commander\Languages\Spanish)
  6. Find and choose your language in Settings.
  7. Send your translated text files to us, and we will include them into installation under your name!
  8. Please remember that you will have to add any eventual changes to your language package which could come with the next stable versions.

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